Mutuality Matters

Mutualism and Current Events

May 13, 2021

Southern Baptist megachurch - Saddleback Church & Portland Non-Denom church - Imago Dei, both switched over to ordaining and affirming the full participation of women in church leadership. LOTS of opinions being thrown around the interwebs over this one so Blake & Erin tell you what Tish Harrison Warren, Al Mohler, and CBE International (among others) have to contribute. This episode gives an overview of church denominations, church history, ecclesiology, and how our theology is (and is NOT) shaped by the culture. This one gets wild as Blake and Erin (in the same room since 2019) riff their high energy hot takes on these current events. Enjoy!

People and Stuff We Mention That You Should Check Out:

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Imago Dei Portland video on policy change

Tish Harrison Warren (@Tish_H_Warren), Christianity Today article

William (Bill) Witt book


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