Mutuality Matters

(New Voices) Finding a Prophetic Roadmap for Successful Mixed-Gender Teams - Dr. Rob Dixon

October 15, 2021

This week on the New Voices thread: He’s an author, practitioner, AND one of our very own co-hosts for this podcast—Dr. Rob Dixon! It was our joy to get a chance to sit down with Rob and talk about a book you will want to buy not only for yourself but for everyone you know in ministry. Together in Ministry is one of those books that will not only change the way we think about women and men working together in ministry but it shows us how. Enjoy this interview and then go follow Rob and listen to the episodes he produces with his co-host, Layla Ven Gerpen.  


Find Rob at on Twitter at @robfdixon


Purchase Together in Ministry: Women and Men in Flourishing Partnerships here and Mary Kate Morris’ Making Room for Leadership here.  


Read more by Rob Dixon on CBE International’s website: 

Raising Up Allies: A Standardized Pathway for Developing Men into Allies to Women 

Jesus' Vision for Masculinity: The (Actual) Best A Man Can Get 

The Way God Intends It: Men And Women As Gospel Partners 

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